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Lesson 6 Module 1

Hi, Joanne Williams here, I’m with Next Generation Psychology, and I’d like to take a moment to give you an overview of the coming course.

This course is unique and there isn’t anything else like on the internet. We truly want to answer your questions and dispel the myths and confusion surrounding ESA’s.

When I first thought about doing this course the first question I asked was “Is there really a need for More information about ESA’s?

The more I looked, the answer was clearly yes. There’s a lot of great info out there but it is spread all over the place.

​We wanted to take a holistic approach to designing this course. To have everything you need to know in one place. This might look complicated, but it’s not

So let’s dive in.

overview 8

This course is divided into 3 distinct modules, or books, if you will. 

Each module has a specific purpose.

For example, the goal of module 1 is understanding the different federal and state laws. Boring, I know, but crucial to understanding your rights and how to protect them. So I wanted to get it out of the way first.

The goal of Module 2 is about the different ESA animals available to you. 

Module 3 is the good stuff: Real world ESA. But we’ll get to all this in more detail later in this

If each module is a book, then each module has 4 chapters.

overview 9

Within each chapter, we might have a number of different lessons.

 For example, we’ll start off explaining the federal and state laws

We’ll also discuss who qualifies for an ESA as well as how you qualify;

One of our main purposes in developing this course was to dispel many of the myths, rumors, and outright misinformation on the internet and media.

The internet, the media, Facebook, repeat these myths daily.

 We’re going to tackle them head on.

The goal of the second module is understanding the different kinds of ESA animals, as well as which animal is right for you.

overview 10

We’ll first talk about the different kinds of ESA’s. The focus will be on dogs as most people seem to gravitate toward those.

 We’ll also talk about cats, as well as exotic ESA’s like snakes, pigs, etc., and what you can expect if you choose those.

Next we’ll go into the differences between an ESA, a therapy pet, and a comfort animal.

 They are different and it can get confusing. We’ll put your mind at ease.

Lastly we’ll discuss psychiatric service dogs and how they differ from other ESA’s.

 The main difference is PSD’s have to be trained to perform a specific task.

overview 4

After this section you’ll no longer be intimidated bringing your ESA out in public. 

You’ll be able to travel with confidence. You’ll know what to do at airports, how to handle TSA as well as customs. You’ll get the low-down on international travel with ESA’s, and much more.

We’ll also talk about what to expect on buses and even private taxis.

 The good news is, most hotels will welcome your ESA, and what to do and say if they don’t. The other good news is our letters cover both airline and housing for one price. Which brings us to…

ESA’s and housing

overview 5

​This chapter is all about what to expect from a landlord and housing.

We’ll cover pet deposits, and if they can charge you extra. We’ll talk about how to talk to your landlord as well as neighbors and any objections they may have. We’ll also give you sample templates you can use to legally asserts your rights under the law.

 When you start writing things out and sending it certified mail, landlords listen.

overview 6

How about bringing your ESA to work? 

I bet that could lower the stress levels.

We’ll go into detail about how to talk to your boss into accepting an ESA as well as how to approach the HR dept with the same request.

 Lastly we’ll discuss what to do if your rights are violated and the options open to you under the law.

The only thing left you need to know is how to get an ESA letter, and the process involved. 

Now before a bunch of people jump down my throat in the comments section, let me state up front…ESA’s are NOT legally required to be trained. (Service animals are, but not ESA’s.)

 But you will not be doing yourself or anyone else any favors by having an untrained dog or unruly ESA. And let’s face it, everyone loves a well trained dog. 

​Let us know below in the comments if you would like training videos on designed specifically for ESA's and Psychiatric service dogs.

bonus time

But we’re not done yet!

 We’re going to make available to you airline forms, customs forms, where to find the federal laws as well as the state laws for your state, sample letters to your landlord and HR and the 10 most common objections and how to counter them.  We’ll supply checklists for travel as well as moving.

As you can see, we have really tried to make this course live up to its promise of being everything you always wanted to know about ESA’s.

I hope you enjoy this course, I hope it helps you in making informed decisions and it helps you overcoming adversity in everyday life to get the full benefit of an ESA.

 Also, if you can think of ways to make this course better, or avenues to further explore, let us know in the comments section below. We do read them and we will answer you.

So to Summarize:

  • The video course has 3 main parts with multiple lessons in each part.
  • You'll learn about the 2 federal laws which govern ESA's and your rights under them.
  • Who qualifuies and how to qualify.
  • The different kinds of ESA's and which one is right for you.
  • How to travel with your ESA, including
    • airlines, TSA, and customs
    • Public transportation in all forms
    • Hotels
  • Your housing rights, how to make sure you get no pet deposits, or pet rents.
  • How to talk to your landlord
  • Bring your ESA to work, talking to your boss or HR.
  • What to do if you think your rights are violated and how to respond.
  • Worksheets:
    • Sample letters to landlords
    • 10 most common objections and how to overcome them
  • Checklists:
    • Moving checklists
    • ​Travel checklists
  • Links to federal law governing ESA's
    • American with Disability Act.
    • Federal Housing Act
    • Case law
  • ​Links to state Law for ESA's
    • All 50 states
  • Airline forms for every airline and how to fill them out.

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