7 Reasons You Should Have An Emotional Support Animal In Florida

7 Reasons You Should Have An Emotional Support Animal In Florida


It's difficult to understand why people don't realize that pets are gifts to mankind.

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It may not be easy to understand the importance of emotional support animals in Florida (ESA) unless you know what they are and how they can be beneficial for you. In this article, you will get the inside scoop about ​how to get an emotional support animals ​how they can improve your life.

According to experts, emotional support dogs and cats in Florida can be clinically defined as animals which can help their owners in dealing, with as well as, overcoming certain kinds of disabilities. The assistance provided by emotional support animals is different from the help provided by other animals.

According to the Fair Housing Act and the Air Carriers Access Act, the services of an emotional support animal is protected by law as they are trained to accommodate the disability of their owners which makes them different from other animals. ​While supporting the emotional health of their owners, ESA animals can play an important role in their life.

Emotional support animals can be important for their owners in the following ways:

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​​​​​7 Benefits Provided by Emotional Support Animals


​ESA pets help reduce your anxiety on planes: 

Many people become anxious when they travel on planes. According to experts, traveling on planes can be a painful experience for many people due to various reasons like medical treatment, attending a funeral or after spending time with their family. They can travel easily if they have an emotional support animal with them.

They can feel better to some extent in their presence as the support provided by the animals can be different from the support provided by the medicines or other methods. ​They can also feel better while flying on planes if they are thinking about their ESA instead of their fear. The very thought of their service animal can help in improving their mental health.

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Help in producing neurotransmitters:

​ The production of several neurochemicals that can help in improving bonding and love can be increased with the help of emotional support dogs in Florida. It has been proven through various studies that the company of dogs can help in increasing the levels of dopamine, a neurotransmitter, just by looking into their eyes.

According to experts, the emotional support of dogs cannot only increase the capacity of the love of their owners but also can make them feel less depressed. So, it is important for the people suffering from their loneliness to have a dog around them to make them feel more loved and safer in their company.


Pets can work in combination with other treatment forms: 

The company of emotional support animals can not only provide emotional support to their owners but treated as part of the treatment provided to them for curing their health issues.

 According to experts, ESA pets can be used along with other treatments to treat the symptoms of their cognitive-behavioral issues. The company of ESA can be included with any form of therapy used to treat a health condition. For instance, an emotional support animal can be used as a model of ​calmness to bring you emotionally ​tranquil state.

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ESA dogs provide unconditional love to their owners:

 The owners of emotional support dogs in Florida, with some health problems, can get unconditional love from their pets which may not be possible otherwise. According to experts, the feeling of unconditional love and connectedness provided by an ​ESA animal may not be found by an individual even after a lot of struggle looking for more connections in their lives.

​Though having an ESA does not mean that its all downhill​, but it can help someone with mental issues to recover to his normal level of functioning sooner. People who feel alone in their life can be in a relationship with someone when they are accompanied and loved by their pet. It can considerably reduce the devastating nature of their symptoms along with improving their mental health on the whole.

​So, while encouraging people with a diagnosis to re-engage with the world it is important for them to be in a relationship with an emotional support animal to help them develop better relationships with humans. ​


​Therapy pets ​help stabilize intense emotions

 Emotional support animals can also help in stabilizing your unregulated emotions when it becomes difficult to control them. According to experts, when people feel highly agitated, very down, anxious or very fearful then the support of an animal can help in neutralizing it with the help of their affection and love.

The company of an animal can help in diverting their attention from that extreme situation. One can regulate and adjust his emotions in the company of an animal as animals are neither depressed and anxious or agitated. In other words, the unwavering dedication of your dog can actually help in healing you when ​needed.

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ESA pets provide social support

 ​It is good for the people who consider their pets as a member of their family that they can be their social companion and improve their health by becoming an ESA. According to a report published in a medical journal, pets can be very beneficial for their owners if they are psychologically close to their owners. They are the best candidates to become an ESA. ​

This social support provided by the pets can help in improving problems in endocrine gland, functioning of the immune system and cardiovascular issues. In this way, emotional support dogs may not only help in making your blood pressure steady or going on the walk but also healing your health problems with their relationship.


Help in regulating feelings in routine


​It is important to manage your daily chores if you are diagnosed with a problem. One can keep their emotions regulated in day-to-day life with the help of an ESA or therapy pet, according to experts. 

It has been ​proven through various ​studies that the presence of a pet can help in reducing ​anxiety and regulate psychological ​issues along with improving the mood of its owners. They can help in stabilizing human emotions, with their steady presence as animals provide unconditional relationship and attention on demand.

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​Thus, the continuous presence of the prescribed emotional support animals in Florida can help you in fighting with your health problems, irrespective of your living conditions.

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