Why An ESA Letter?

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Emotional Symptoms affects at least 20% of the population, but it’s often invisible to onlookers. If you suffer from emotional symptoms and disorders like depression, PTSD, Panic attacks, Autism or Physical issues you may struggle to perform everyday tasks, at work, socially or emotionally even if no one can see the reason for your pain. This is where an ESA letter can help.

Many people are helped by having an emotional support service dog certification or ESA or sometimes called assistance animals. We know our animals can calm us down or give us a reason to keep going, even when times are tough. However, housing and traveling with a pet can be complicated and increase anxiety. 

If you need an ESA letter to have your Pet become an ESA for airplane travel or for “No Pet” housing, contact Next Generation Psychology at 760-485-6784 with questions or go to our Frequently Asked Questions page.  We know what the 2 laws require and we are the specialists in this field with 5 years exclusively doing ESA evaluations to certify clients according to the 2 Federal Laws and all Next Generation Psychology Therapist are experienced and our Manager has over 25 years as a therapist..

If you rent your home or if you are moving and you can't find housing for your pet a letter from Next Generation Psychology can legally give you the right to have an ESA in “No Pet” housing, without any extra fees, once you qualify. If you have issues with housing, we send a resource with the FHA law attached to present to your Property manager. 95% of any confusion is alleviated once they review the law.

Similarly, if you have an ESA and need to travel, a letter from us can guarantee that you keep your animal with you on your flight, out of a carrier, on your lap or at your feet.  If you need a letter for your landlord or for an airline, call us at 760-485-6784 for a free consultation. The letter is what is required by law. No need for a vest, ID card or registry.

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