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​Some ESA companies online don't even want to talk to you. WE DO. We care about our clients. We take customer service seriously.

We pride ourselves by having some of the very best pricing available anywhere. ​With licensed Mental Health Professions and staff who understands how you feel about needing an ESA and who really care.  

We have an easy, hassle free online process, and you'll see why more and more people are choosing ​ for their ESA needs.

Click on tabs for your option.  Once you purchase, the thank you page will appear and your assessment form will be your next step or Call us at 760-485-6784 and we can help you through the process.

  • ESA Letters
  • Renew​als
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​1st. ESA Evaluation

service dog letters

If this is your first ESA Letter, click here


Initial ESA Evaluation

1st Evaluation  w/Wallet Letter

emotional support animal

​1st. Evaluation with wallet ID.


Initial ESA Eval w/Wallet letter

Express Initial ESA eval

express ESA Evaluation

1st. Express ESA Evaluation (within 24 hrs)


Express Initial ESA Eval

Express Initial ESA eval

emotional support animals

1st. Express ESA Evaluation (within 24 hrs)


Deluxe Initial Express w/Wallet ESA letter

If you need additional forms completed:

  • Airlines forms are $35 for each Airlines form.
  • If you need Housing Accommodation forms completed they are $85. additionally to the evaluation.  A release of information will also be required to share any information.

These forms should not be needed as the Law does not state they are required.  Some airlines and housing facilities, may insist and we will provide it as a service, if possible.

​​Have Questions?
 Most People Do. 

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