Emotional Support Dogs

Pre-Qualifying Form for an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) at                        Next Generation Psychology

Section A

  • Do you get anxious in: Social Situations?       Crowds of people?       Flying?
  • Do you have issues: sleeping?          Work stress?           Family Issues?           Do these ​ affect your life significantly?

Section B

  • Does your ​pet help you to sleep better?        Concentrate at work or at home?          Or does your ​pet helps you to get out to Socialize more? 

  1. If your ​pet helps you with any of symptoms in Section A, 
  2. ​And at least one symptom in Section B;  

You Are Pre-Qualified For An Emotional Support Animal (ESA).  

Next Step: Fill Out The Form Below

***Your ​email address or phone number WILL NOT be shared with anyone and WILL NOT put you on any third-party marketing list. (We hate ​spam too!) We use it simply to contact you discuss your situation in-depth, if necessary, to find the best price and solution for your situation. ***

If you don’t meet both; call us and we can discuss your symptoms and how your animal does help you.

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This prequalifying form is not meant to be a complete psychological evaluation.  If you need help or having any thoughts of harming yourself call 911, or call the hotline at 1-800-273-8255, or go to your nearest ER.

​​Have Questions? Most People Do. 

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