Simple, Easy, Pre-Qualification For a Psychiatric Service Dog to Fly and Go EVERYWHERE you GO + A FREE Video Course Just For Qualifying

Start Your PSD Prequalification Here: Answer these questions:

Does your Dog Notice when your symptoms are increasing, Responds to you and this Alleviates your symptoms increasing from situations in Section A

Section A

Do you get anxious Or overwhelmed with life Or feel stuck and limited to move ahead in these situations?

  • Social Situations?       
  • Crowds of people?      
  • Flying?
  • Do you have issues: sleeping?          
  • Work stress?          
  • Family Issues?          
  • Do these affect your life significantly?

And Your Dog Assists you consistently with at least ONE situation in Section B:

Section B

  • Gets you out of bed if you sleep too much?        
  • Calms you from your anxiety getting worse?          
  • Grounds you to focus back if your mind wonders or you feel detached from reality?
  • Is a barrier to get between you and others to create a barrier?
  • Nudges you to keep moving in social situations or crowds?
  • Helps you in an overwhelm state to feel happier and more purpose and meaning?
  • Leads you out of an overwhelming situation?
  • Comes to calm an Autistic person before an episode worsens?

You Are Now Pre-Qualified For A Psychiatric Service Dog.  

If you don’t meet both; call us at 760-485-6784 and we can discuss your symptoms and what your dog does help you with, since this list is not all inclusive. 

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What Happens Next:

We have also put together a FREE video that will answer 99% of all your questions. We'll contact you, either by email or by phone (your choice) and discuss your options.(You are under no obligation to buy)

This prequalifying form is not meant to be a complete psychological evaluation, we will be doing a complete psychological evaluation by video chat in our sessions.  If you need help or having any thoughts of harming yourself call 911, or call the hotline at 1-800-273-8255, or go to your nearest ER.

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