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9 Benefits of Emotional Support Animal in California


Many of the qualities that come so effortlessly to dogs - loyalty, devotion, selflessness, unflagging optimism, unqualified love - can be elusive to humans.

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At present, in excess of 30% of the adult population in America is struggling with some sort of mental health problem. For this reason, the role played by an emotional support animal in California and other major American cities has become very important.

Apart from distracting us from our daily activities and struggles, they also help to alleviate stress to a great extent. Many of us feel better because of these animals in times of extreme emotional distress. The emotional support animal laws in California will enable you to dwell in rented apartments legally along with the emotional support animal. In the subsequent paragraphs, we will take a look at how emotional support animals will help to make our life easier.

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​​​​9 Benefits Provided by ​Emotional Support Dogs in California


You'll experience decreased feelings of solitude

Canines and other pets will help to decrease the feelings of loneliness in individuals and also provide companionship. It is extremely difficult to deal with mental illness all by yourself and people suffering from these types of conditions often face problems in functioning in the public and social settings, thus aggravating the sensation of solitude plus isolation.

These types of feelings can be lessened with the help of an emotional support animal. These animals love to go for strolls and might also compel their owners to come in contact with the outside world for socialization.

Although they are not able to speak, they can act as constant and patient listeners. At times, you require somebody to talk to. A trusted animal will never allow you to feel alone whatsoever.


Enhanced physical activities

An emotional support animal will assist you in leaving the house and going for short strolls. This is extremely important when it comes to a healthy body and mind. People often ignore to perform physical activities because of depressive disorders and other issues.

However, these animals will provide you with some purpose in life and you will feel like doing physical activities. For instance, a dog might help individuals who are suffering from mental problems to go for a short walk outside.

Apart from being good for the body, physical activity will also increase the production of endorphins which are known as the feel-good hormones.


ESA animals reduce anxiety and stress

ESA can also assist in reducing stress and anxiety. Contemporary lives can be very stressful and many of us are unable to handle the anxiety effectively. Some even suffer from panic attacks from time to time.

These animals help to counteract all these effects of anxiety and extreme stress. It has been shown by studies that the stress levels of any person decrease once he interacts with any faithful animal. With the drop stress levels, anxiety also is lessened in the long run. And, decreasing stress will be able to prevent panic attacks too.

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ESA pets give you a sense of purpose

Caring for any animal will help to develop a sense of purpose and will improve your mood as well. Many people struggling with mental disorders might feel that their lives do not have any purpose. However, an emotional support animal implies that you have somebody depending on you on a regular basis.

Ensuring that the animal is provided with food, water, and proper exercise develops a positive frame of mind for the patient and he or she gets back the interest in their lives. Spending more time with the animals will also enable them to focus on the requirements of the animals instead of their own problems.

At times, this type of distraction can help you immensely in avoiding a panic attack or depressive episode.


​Better physical health

While somebody is struggling with his mental health, it can hamper his physical health significantly. Anxiety, stress, and depressive disorders can result in hypertension, high cholesterol, weight gain, and lots of other physical problems.

However, these issues can be contracted easily in the presence of an emotional support animal. It has been shown by studies that these animals help in minimizing the triglyceride levels, blood pressure, plus cholesterol. Apart from that, enhanced physical activities will also help them in shedding pounds in the long run.

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​More social support

​As mentioned earlier, these animals are going to be a fantastic support for any person who is struggling to mix with the outside world after a period of detachment.

However, emotional support animals will be able to transform this attitude of their own owners to a great extent and help them to interact with others much more freely.


Feel safer


​Having the company of an ESA animal anywhere you go will provide a sense of security and safety to any individual out there. The animals are playful in nature and this will help their owners to relax and overcome their paranoid feelings effectively.

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​​​​They can help you recover

It might be that you are recovering from any injury sustained by you that had a significant impact on your mental health. In that case, you can take the help of the animal to boost your recovery process to a great extent.

Apart from this, whenever you venture outside for a stroll along with the animal you will be experiencing an increase in your physical activities which can improve your health considerably.


They reduce travel anxiety

 There are many people who are suffering from travel anxiety and will not be able to board an aircraft while going to another destination. 

Realizing this fact, the emotional support animal laws in California and other cities have permitted individuals to take their emotional support animals along with them on the plane for overcoming their anxiety.

Conclusion: California Service Dog Laws

Even though one cannot deny the role of an emotional support animal in California when it comes to treating the mental and emotional conditions, it is also important to consider other treatment procedures too.

One must use the support from these animals along with other cognitive behavioral treatment methods. In this manner, it will be possible for you to witness some notable changes in the overall quality of your mental health and you will be able to lead a stress-free and happier life than ever before.

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