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1.   To have your Pet become an Emotional Support Service Animal  ESA);  You need to have current symptoms that your animal helps you with and daily life activities that are significantly affected ; Such as your Social life (interacting with others), your Mental clarity at work (concentration) or Emotional well being (sleep) at home .

2.    You need to have a DSM-5 Psychological Diagnosis; for example that you have; Fear while Flying, in Social Situations, Avoid Crowds, Panic Attacks, PTSD, Depression, ADD, Autism, etc. that affects one of the above daily functionings.  You will discuss and evaluate for these in the Emotional Support Animal (ESA) evaluation with a Licensed Mental Health Professional.

All our pricing are for an ESA Evaluation and ESA Letter for Both Housing and Air Travel for 1 year.

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1st. ESA Evaluation


Initial ESA Evaluation


1st. ESA


w/Wallet Letter


Initial ESA Eval w/Wallet letter

1st. Express ESA


(within 24 hrs.)


Express Initial ESA Eval


1st. Express 

Eval. includes 

wallet letter

(within 24 hrs.)


Deluxe Initial Express w/Wallet ESA letter
table 3.1

Renewal ESA



Renewal Eval ESA letter


​Renewal Evaluation

w/Wallet Letter


Renewal Eval w wallet letter


Express Renewal


(Within 24 hrs)


Express Renewal Eval ESA letter


Express Renewal w/wallet letter

(Within 24 hrs)


Deluxe Renewal Express w/Wallet ESA letter

Your Credit Card or Pay Pal account will be billed as One Joy, LLC.  Once you click your payment, YOu will go directly to our Thank you page.  There is a Green bar that says NEXT STEP to click on for  the Emotional Support Evaluation (ESA) evaluation assessment form to appear to complete and submit.  Once we receive the forms with payment we will call you to schedule your ESA phone evaluation.  Your receipt for your purchase will be emailed to you from Pay Pal. You may log into your account at www.paypal.com to view details of this transaction. For your Credit card you can view your payment on your statement as One Joy, LLC. or Call us 760-485-6784

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We guarantee you will receive Prompt, Personal and Profession Service.  A live person will either; answer the phone or call you back within 1 hr. (usually within minutes.)  We have an Express service to get your ESA evaluation appointment scheduled within 24hrs. and receive your ESA letter the same day.  Most ESA appointments are scheduled within 3 days.

Real Testimonials

Debbie P


Verified Buyer

Joanne Williams, is excellent.  She not only  does a great consultation, but she keeps her clients well informed.




Verified Buyer

Simply could not travel without my ESA-the loyal, trustworthy, loving dog! Thank you to Joanne for working so hard to make sure we have the right to travel with our BFF.

Service animal

Jasmine G. 


Verified Buyer

My experience with Joanne was beyond excellent and positive. She immediately emailed and called back the next day.  She is very kind and compassionate and literally takes the time to go into detail with your history and current situation. ​ Her diagnosis was right on point. I would definitely recommend Joanne to anyone who can benefit from an ESA.

Kathy R. 


Verified Buyer

​My experience with Joanne on the ESA Evaluation was extremely positive. She spent all the time needed to understand my situation and provided several suggestions on how I can address them in addition to my ESA. She is knowledgeable and with her support, I feel prepared to travel with my ESA.

​The EsaPros Team

One Joy LLC

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