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Free ESA Resources-Call Us 760-485-6784

There are a number of free ESA resources available to educate yourself freely over the internet. I've complied a few of them here to help understand the nuts and bolts of the various Service Animal Laws and around Emotional Support Animals they have different laws. Service animals are under the Americans with Disability Act. (ADA).

Emotional Support Animals are under the Air Carriers Access Act and HUD Fair Housing Act.  Click this link to see if you Qualify for an Emotional Support Animal. (ESA)

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​Can You Feel The Calm?

Find Out in 30 Seconds If You Qualify

Take Your Animal Wherever You Go

Your animal makes a positive impact on your mental health. Naturally, you want to take him or her with you wherever you go. Unfortunately, some housing and traveling accommodations are unwelcoming to pets. So, what's the solution?

Federal law states that with a certified emotional support animals (ESA), have additional rights when flying or for housing. Some state laws provide additional rights that are extend to restaurants. Some of the ESA Resources are directly from government sources.

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Airlines regulations from the US Dept. of Transportation, A short, concise overview of both Service and Emotional Support click here.

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Download Service Animal for Air travel>>>

​​​​​Print off or See the Law on Flying with Disabilities to understand your rights to fly with an Emotional Support Animal Disability.

​If you would like to read the law in its entirety to understand your rights and responsibilities regarding travel with ESA Animals click here.

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Housing Download>>>

​From the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) A .pdf download of your rights and responsibilities in order to gain no-pet housing. Click here

Print off the law or read it for yourself to see and understand your rights and  protection under the Amendments to the 1988 Fair Housing Act for People who qualify for an Emotional Support Animal.

Find Out in 30 Seconds If You Qualify

Put up a Flyer at an Animal Shelter to help Others Understand about benefits of an Emotional Assistance Animal

If you want to help someone that may think that they have to give up their animal to a Shelter, because of "NO Pet" Housing.  You can help by giving them a  copy of the flyer.  Or Place this flyer in your Animal Shelter.

If we all do a little, we can help a lot of animals.                                                                               This one Thanks you!

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