What To Expect From ESA Pros

Our Professionals feel having an Emotional Support Dog, Cat or Animal is a movement or a cause to help as many people as possible to lower emotional issues and to improve their lives in Simple ways according to two Federal Laws by having their Animal by their side legally to fly with them and to be in No Pet Housing with NO Fees, Breed or Weight Restrictions .

Understanding Our Process

process 1

Click the Yellow "Buy Now" button in the green boxes below according to your needs.

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Once payment is made you'll go directly to our Thank-You page and there is a green box with NEXT step to click on for the HIPPA compliant ESA Evaluation form to complete and Submit securely.

process 3

Once we receive your form, we'll call you within 24 hours to schedule your evaluation. We are generally scheduling within 2-3 days unless you paid for the EXPRESS service (within 24hrs). Or Call us at 760-485-6784. 

process 4

You'll receive your ESA letter average within 1 day after the Certification Evaluation.

What to Expect in the ESA Evaluation

20-30 minute Video chat or Phone Evaluation

We keep to the point about your criteria to qualify you for an assistance animal from your completed assessment forms. Completely confidentiality.  No need to worry, we are kind and informative and want to help.

Professional Service Continued Support 

We answer questions about the ESA evaluation process and how to use the ESA letter for housing and Airline travel. You are given resources about the 2 laws as a resource. Only a Licensed Mental Health Professionals will do your evaluation. We will discuss criteria for a DSM-5 diagnosis from your assessment form and how your animal helps one of your daily functions.  We make recommendations for additional ways to increase your mental health.

We will continue to support you through the year around questions about airlines issues and give you the housing law to give to your property manager to clarify the law. 

We will contact you by email 1 month before your yearly date for renewal, so you will never be out of compliance.

Receive ESA Letter by email

Once you have qualified for your ESA letter we will email your letter average within 1 day. Or send your laminated wallet letter out the same week by mail.

What to Expect as a Client

We Answer the Phone with a real person or call you back immediately returning your call. Certainly within 24 hrs. on Business Days or please call us back if we don't get connect with you. You are our priority.

We Will Call You To schedule Your Video Chat or Phone Appointment Within 24 hrs. of receiving your payment and forms. If we do not call you within 24 hrs call us.

Within 3 working days after receiving your payment and forms we will generally, book your ESA Phone Evaluation appointment    

**Unless you request a 24hr. Express evaluation for an additional fee of $99. The Express evaluation will be scheduled within 24 hrs after receiving your forms and payment.** (except weekends and Holidays with add'l $25 charge)

If you need additional forms completed:

  • Airlines forms are $35 for each Airlines form.
  • If you need Housing Accommodation forms completed they are $85. additionally to the evaluation.  A release of information will also be required to share any information.

These forms should not be needed as the Law does not state they are required.  Some airlines and housing facilities, may insist and we will provide it as a service, if possible.

pricing table 1

1st. ESA Evaluation


Initial ESA Evaluation


1st. ESA Evaluation

w/Wallet Letter


Initial ESA Eval w/Wallet letter

1st. Express ESA


(within 24 hrs.)


Express Initial ESA Eval


Deluxe Express ESA


(within 24 hrs.)


Deluxe Initial Express w/Wallet ESA letter
table 3.1

Renewal ESA



Renewal Eval ESA letter


​Renewal Evaluation

w/Wallet Letter


Renewal Eval w wallet letter


Express Renewal


(Within 24 hrs)


Express Renewal Eval ESA letter


Deluxe Express Renewal

(Within 24 hrs)


Deluxe Renewal Express w/Wallet ESA letter

Get an ESA letter in as little as 24hrs.

We guarantee you will receive Prompt, Personal and Profession Service.  A live person will either; answer the phone or call you back within 1 hr. (usually within minutes.)  We have an Express service to get your ESA evaluation appointment scheduled within 24hrs. and receive your ESA letter the same day.  Most ESA appointments are scheduled within 3 day.