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Hi My name is Joanne Williams, LCSW. I wanted to introduce myself and Next Generation Psychology. In this free course We’re going to confront the misinformation about ESA’s head on, including

  • Misinformation in the media
  • Misinformation from the airlines
  • Online scams
  • Should you get an online ESA letter or one from a doctor.

Join us. I think you’ll find this eye opening.

I am a Licensed mental Health counselor for 30 years and one of the therapists at Next Generation Psychology.

Joanne Williams

We are a small group of therapists with a full range of services for counseling, but who have become specialist in the field of how to certify for an Emotional Support Animal or ESA.

I started my counseling career after having 3 other careers, as a  co-owner of a fishing business in Maine, an accountant and a florist. Then I went back to school and got my master’s degree at Boston University and specialized with victim of Domestic  Violence, Sexual abuse and trauma in PTSD. Depression and anxiety.

I fell into understanding about Emotional Support Animal (ESA) certification and now Psychiatric Service Dogs (PSD), after being on a flight with my dog, 8 years ago, and we were both having anxiety, with him being stuff under the seat in a carrier, with him whimpering and me getting more anxious listening to him.

I did my research and found it to be true, but in 2020 the ACAA law to fly changed. Now you must have a Psychiatric Service Dog (PSD) to fly. 

 I have become the specialist for understanding the requirements to be in the ESA  and what is required to be in a legitimate letter for it to accepted without reproach, now only for housing.  And now since 2020, certifying for PSD with a letter and a Photo ID to verify your need in all Public Places, including stores, hotels and restaurants. 

I hear from clients every day, how their ESA and PSD have changed their lives.  With a PSD you can  go more places and do more things with family.  

They are happier and feel comforted with their assistant animal with them. There is sooo much misinformation out there, we want to clarify and inform so that you can spot the dishonesty when you see it.


Our letters are “bullet proof” and will meet the requirements for both Airlines and the housing law in one letter.

The kind flight attendant told me about the ESA program, that if I got a letter from a Mental health professional I could have him on my lap the entire time.

I had been a MH professional for 25 years and didn’t know about these federal laws that has been around for almost 50 years???

So, For the last 8 years we specialize in ESA certification and now PSD certification.  I have been certifying people the “right way” with the correct information according to the Federal laws in every sense.

The information in the video has not updated with the new PSD information since 2020.

WE understand and know how the ESA  and PSD process can be confusing and anxiety producing. So you are welcome to call us or email us on the contact page.

That is why we want to empower you with resources so that you understand the laws on how to use the ESA letter.  That is why we are compiling this informative course, so you understand the laws and how to use them.

This free course will be about the misinformation spread about today about ESA’s so that you can understand the real truth.

Most people have anxiety that we speak to, around flying, crowds, social situations or depression.  But it could be any diagnosis.

AND We stand beside you thru the year, if you have questions or issues with people or agency that don’t understand the laws. When you call us, You will speak to me or my assistant. Not like some companies who don’t answer the phone once you have the ESA letter.

This free course will talk about the misinformation about ESA’s in today’s world and what the truth is Namely,

  • Misinformation in the media
  • Misinformation by the airlines
  • Online scams
  • ESA Letters online or through your doctor?

To summarize

  • I had the same fears as you
  • My ESA helped me and 1000’s of my clients.
  • I specialize in ESA  and PSD letters
  • My ESA letters are 100% legal and bullet-proof
  • I answer my phone and I am available to you after the sale
  • My letters are good and housing, if needed, add'l accommodation forms (with an add'l charge)
  • This free course is to explain the misinformation about ESA’s.

In the next video I’ll talk about the misinformation you find everyday in the media. I’ll talk about public’s perception of abuse of the ESA laws.

 If you believe the stories you see in the media then this video should be an eye-opener for you.

Now it's your turn...

Thank you for signing up for this course. In the comments below tell us about any of the preconceived notions you might have. Ask us any questions. We read the comments and we’ll answer you. It’s time to get the truth out there and set the record straight.

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