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Emotional Support Dogs

 emotional support dogsLife can be very uncertain and you never know what is waiting for you that can change your life. And there are many obvious things in life that can steal your joy and happiness too. It could be a love failure, divorce, loss of life of loved ones, health issues, relationship issues, and so on.

So it is natural for someone who has been through such difficulties starts feeling lonely or isolated. And it only gets worse if there is no one to emotionally support you.

That is exactly where the emotional support animal come into the picture. They are great saviors who have the power to bring a smile even on the face of the most depressed person. There are plenty of benefits of having such beautiful creatures by your side during your tough times.

Emotional Support Dogs =Pure Love:

Emotional support animals, dogs, cats, or other animals are caring and loving towards people and helps you with a daily functioning, such as sleep, concentration or to interact with others because you have your animal with you.  These animals are capable of sensing your mood swings and they behave accordingly to help you lower the symptoms. There is nothing as soothing and comfortable as someone hugging you when you feel sad. That is exactly what these animals do, hug you and make you realize that love still exists in this world. And when your animal or any pets for that matter show you their love, it is pure and they do not have any other purpose behind it, however an Emotional support animal helps to lower symptoms that are affecting a daily function. And it is this pure love that can make you emotionally satisfied and motivates you to move on in life.

Come out of loneliness:emotional support animal

If you are retired from the job and you are single again with your kids already moved out, you are sure to feel lonely. No matter how much time you try to spend outside of your home, you always need someone with you inside your home to kill the boredom. Emotional support animals respond to people and hence you will definitely have someone to listen to you. These animals can play with you, sit and watch TV with you and even act funny to make you laugh. They also encourage you to participate in physical activities and thus you improve your physical health along with mental health.

Boosts your confidence:

Some people are either scared or hesitant to go out alone and it’s overwhelming when they do not have a companion. But with emotional support animal, you will get the confidence to get out and go where you want. You can get a certificate to justify your need for an emotional animal. Call us at 760-485-6784 for a free consultation.  This allows you to take your dog on flights or in “No Pet” housing.  Staying in hotels, going to restaurants and other places is at the discretion of the business. And knowing that there is a friend with you to watch over you,  confidently fly with you to see family more often or live with in “No Pet” housing.  These animals do contribute to making your life exciting and happy again.

Faster recovery of patients:

Emotional Support Animal RegistrationPeople suffering from any trauma, especially an emotional trauma, such as physical abuse, war experiences or sexual abuse resulting in PTSD and other effects of a tragedy usually take a long time to recover. This is mainly because there is no one to offer company at all times. But emotional support animal can be with you every minute of the day and prevent you from feeling isolated. These animals motivate you to go out for a walk, interact with others to feel connected again with others, which is beneficial for recovery from most types of illness. And most hospitals allow these animals to stay by with you as they help you bring down your stress levels. Patients with emotional support animals are found to be eager to recover and go home. And it is such a mindset that helps in faster recovery as the body does what the mind really wants.

Helps kids with disorders

Some mentally and physically challenged kids lack motivation and isolate, animals can be better friends for kids than adults. And emotional support animal intuitively know how to deal with such kids. These animal motivate kids with speech disorder as they tend to try speaking to animals. Since these animals can stay with them for a long time, kids get the opportunity to put more time and efforts into trying to speak. With a medical certificate, you can even allow these animals to accompany you to schools and universities. Children get confidence when they have a companion with them and they quickly learn to become sociable.

Makes you feel safe:

Emotional support animals can help you feel safer and protected in situations too. You can feel safer to go out alone and most will definitely keep a safe distance from you. When you have a dog by your side, you will feel safe to get out even when it is dark. People with agoraphobia, who have difficulties in crowds of people,  can feel more confident to cope up with their condition. This helps you from becoming socially disconnected and overcome shyness, since people focus on the animal instead of you and be an ice breaker in starting conversations. You will be able to enjoy the nature outside and even find a job to fulfill your dreams.

No More ‘No Pets’:ESA Registration Service

If a medical expert recommends you to seek emotional support dogs service, you come under the U.S. federal protection act. So your landlord must allow you to have a pet and no public venue can stop you from going there with your dog. There is a law that prevents anyone from discriminating you when you with your emotional support dogs or any other pets.

Bring Smiles:

Emotional support dogs are great for places like Assisted Living, foster homes, etc. These cute looking animal have the power of bring smile on anybody’s face. They make the atmosphere lively by playing around, jumping and acting funny. So people in such groups can really get a lift their mood. Such regular activities can even help people find true joy and happiness in life. These animals give people a reason to live and inspire them to appreciate things around them.


Emotional support animals are great for treating anxiety, stress, anger issues, loneliness, various phobias, suicidal thoughts, mood swings, panic attacks, etc.  They can be great emotional support to anyone with these issues.

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